Venezuela’s Maduro Orders Occupation Of Electronics Store

Enough, enough, Maduro said. Venezuelas annual inflation rate rose more than expected to 54.3 percent last month, the fastest pace in as many as 16 years, as the scarcity index, which measures the amount of goods out of stock at any given time, reached 22.4 percent, the highest level since January 2008. Maduro said on Nov. 6 that the country would increase currency and price regulations to combat rising inflation and the decline of the bolivar on the black market. The country, which devalued the bolivar by 32 percent in February to 6.3 per dollar, has been unable to arrest the decline of the bolivar on the black market, where companies and individuals unable to access the official rate pay around 60 bolivars per dollar. Seized Energy Daka, which on its website says says its largest the electronics chain in Venezuela , has five stores in the country and 500 employees. The company will have to sell goods at prices used at the start of October, Indepabis consumer agency president Eduardo Saman said today on state television from the Daka store in the Caracas neighborhood of Bello Monte. Venezuelan state television showed images of military officials in a Caracas Daka inspecting prices of 32-inch flat screen televisions. Maduro said that store managers had been arrested and were being held by the countrys security services. He did not provide additional information or say how many people had been detained. Calls placed to Daka after business hours today went unanswered.


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There are many important messages to get across when covering letter writing. At Adducology, we like to think of it as a written speech – a speech which conveys who you are, what drives you and what makes you tick. Having recently brought out a new range of products we are able to offer the very best in tailored covering letter writing and show you how to make a lasting impression with your potential employer. Read the full article… 3 Secrets to Leverage Job Boards and Increase Interviews Many people have found themselves pecking away on the internet trying to find a job lately in this economy, and searching for jobs online has grown and improved drastically. This process can be very time consuming without direction and frustrating without guidance. Posting jobs online is highly effective for employers and potential employees.

This short guide provides some useful advice to help your school or college avoid employment tribunal claims. And how to minimise the damage should the worst happen. Download our free guide here Employ-Line for Education At Linder Myers we understand how difficult it can be to deal with difficult personnel issues. Ensuring that your employment contracts, policies and procedures are up to date and legally-compliant, the Employ-Line service from Linder Myers removes the associated legal burden for one fixed-monthly fee. Specifically tailored to suit the needs of independent schools and Academies, Employ-Line is designed to address the issues that affect you, including: Managing staff absence / sick leave Managing maternity leave and requests for flexible working Dealing with stress at work related absences and allegations of bullying Managing an increasing reliance on supply staff / agency workers Protecting the school from negligence liability Download our Employment for Education brochure here and find out more about how we can help you in your efforts to provide a first-class education to your pupils.

For Career Success, Study Those Quadratics

What Mr. James found is that the higher level of math taken, the more likely a student would graduate and the more likely he would go to college. Half of low-math students attend college versus 68% of high-math high-school grads. But importantly, Mr. James found the students who took higher level math classes were three times as likely to earn a four-year college degree than students who took only Algebra I. Mr. James also found math imparted career gains to students who did not go onto college. The more math one takes, the more one earns on average, and the more likely one is to have a job, he writes. The benefit even shows up among high-school drop outs. The median wage for full-time workers aged 20-30 years who dropped out of high school after completing only Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, or less was $12.70 per hour. Dropouts with Geometry or Algebra II earned a significantly higher hourly pay of $14.36. While math may be difficult for many, our findings indicate that the payoffs for all students may be substantial, Mr. James notes. The good news is that more students are entering the world of quadratics and log functions.

Target To Drop Criminal Background Questions In Job Applications

Markets closed Job Seekers are Out of Sync with Hiring Managers Third-annual survey reveals various disconnects not job market may be biggest barrier to employment Press Release: DeVry University Mon, Oct 28, 2013 9:00 AM EDT -0.9900 DOWNERS GROVE, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Findings from a recent study by the Career Advisory Board , established by DeVry University, indicate a widening gap between Americas hiring managers and job seekers. The third-annual Job Preparedness Indicator spotlights differences in each groups view of the skills employees need to thrive in the workforce, their outlook on the U.S. job market and the steps job seekers should take in order to gain employment. Harris Interactive conducted the survey in July and August among 507 U.S. job seekers (ages 18 and older) and 500 U.S. hiring managers. 2013 Job Preparedness Indicator Key Findings Are overconfident job seekers missing the mark? Seventy-two percent of job seekers are confident they know how to present their skills and experience to an interviewer and more than half of job seekers (56 percent) are confident they know what employers are looking for in candidates today Yet, just 15 percent of hiring managers say nearly all or most job seekers have the skills and traits their companies are looking for in candidates Hiring managers are bullishand picky Eighty-six percent of hiring managers are at least somewhat confident the job market will improve in 2014, up considerably from 67 percent of hiring managers with a similar level of confidence in last years poll The percentage of hiring managers who describe themselves as either extremely confident or very confident in an improving job market nearly doubled to 30 percent, up from 16 percent the year prior Sixty-seven percent of hiring managers dont feel like they have to settle for a candidate without the perfect qualifications for the job Job seekers are bearishand growing more pessimistic Thirty-seven percent of job seekers are not at all confident that the job market will improve next year a 7 percent increase over last year While overall employment is up for job seekers in 2013 over last year 64 percent compared to 55 percent the proportion of unemployed job seekers out of work for the past two or more years nearly tripled from 14 to 38 percent Seventy-two percent of job seekers agree companies often refuse to consider a candidate for a job if he or she is not currently employed Were seeing an increasing number of job seekers who are losing hope, but the economy isnt fully to blame, said Alexandra Levit, business and workplace consultant and Career Advisory Board member. Opportunities do exist for job seekers who are able to effectively demonstrate to hiring managers that they have specific in-demand skills. Managerial candidates have biggest disconnects The survey presented respondents with a set of 15 skills or traits. Job seekers were asked to choose which skills best and least described them. Hiring managers were asked which skills were most and least important in someone seeking employment in entry-level, mid-level and managerial/executive positions.1 Ability to work well with others (23 point gap) It is clear that senior-level job seekers need to focus less on the skills that enabled them to rise through the ranks and more on the high-level abilities they have developed over the years that can be used to lead organizations, said Levit. Missing the value of a mentor These perceptual gaps and the durable sense of self-confidence reported by job seekers may explain why many candidates have not taken steps to gain employment that hiring managers consider essential: Seventy-four percent of hiring managers say job seekers should have a mentor, counselor or job coach to talk to about whether their skills and experience match those required for the jobs they are interested inyet, only 40 percent of job seekers report having a similar professional resource The proportion of job seekers who would rely on their own experience to decide what information to include on applications, resumes and cover letters rather than seek advice from others including career counselors or instructors has grown from 58 percent in 2012 to 67 percent in 2013 Job seekers are doing themselves a huge disservice by ignoring the wealth of guidance and insight a mentor could provide, said Madeleine Slutsky, chairman of the Career Advisory Board and vice president of career services at DeVry University. Cultivating relationships with individuals who have experience with the current employment landscape can be a tremendous help in the job search process. Tough time for recent graduates Twenty-two percent of job seekers believe fewer people will aspire to be a college graduate To access the full research report and for expert commentary on solutions for closing the gaps between job seekers and hiring managers, please visit: . About The Career Advisory Board Established in 2010 by DeVry University, the Career Advisory Board is comprised of leading representatives from business and academia, and recognized career experts who deliver valuable insights on todays most important career trends and provide actionable advice for job seekers. The Career Advisory Board generates original research and commentary, and creates tools, insights and resources to prepare job seekers for success. Its members include executives from DeVry University, HP, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft Corporation and Quintiles, as well as nationally recognized career experts. For more information, visit . Survey Methodology The 2013 Job Preparedness Indicator survey is designed to identify gaps between the skills candidates say they have and the skills employers seek to fill available positions. The research was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of the Career Advisory Board between July 18 August 6, 2013 among 507 U.S. adults aged 18 and up who are looking for work (job seekers) and 500 employed U.S. adults, with titles of Director and above or HR manager, with responsibility for hiring decisions within a company with Fortune 1000-equivalent annual revenue (hiring managers).For a full methodology, including weighting variables, please view the full research report at 1 In order to develop the indicator scores, Job Seekers and Hiring Managers completed a maximum-differential task (max diff). A set of fifteen skills or traits was presented to respondents, in groups of four at a time, and ensured each item was evaluated against every other item. Job Seekers were asked to choose which skill best described them, and which least described them. Hiring Managers were asked which skill or trait was most important and which was least important in someone seeking employment in entry level, mid-level, and managerial/executive positions. We use a multivariate statistical technique to estimate the likelihood that each feature is picked as most preferred, least preferred, or “neither most preferred nor least preferred.” For ease of interpretation and creating comparable measures as indices, each skill or trait is placed on a 0-100 scale where “0” indicates lowest preference and “100” indicates highest preference. In order to determine hiring manager value, another multivariate statistical technique was applied to combine importance from the max-diff and how common or uncommon a skill was. Results were scaled from 0-100, with higher values representing a skill that was very important but very rare. Gap values reported in this press release describe the differing results between hiring manager and job seeker indicator values.

logo displayed outside of a store in Peru, Illinois, U.S., on Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013. (Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images Target plans to stop asking prospective employees about their criminal records in initial job applications at all of its U.S. stores, a company spokesperson confirmed to The Huffington Post on Tuesday. The Minneapolis-based company had been facing pressure to do so from grassroots advocacy group TakeAction Minnesota . Target nevertheless reserved the right to ask about criminal backgrounds after the completion of an applicant’s first interview. Target is an industry leader in developing a nuanced criminal background check process that gives qualified applicants with a criminal history a second chance while maintaining the safety of our guests, team members and protecting our property, Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder wrote in an emailed statement. The announcement from the country’s second-largest retailer comes just months after Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton signed Ban the Box legislation , which will next year make it illegal for the state’s employers to ask about a job applicant’s criminal history until he or she has been selected for an interview. The “Ban the Box” movement began gaining momentum last year when the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission clarified that a potential employee should not be turned down solely because of a prior conviction. Ten states and more than 50 U.S. cities have passed “Ban the Box” legislation, according to the National Employment Law Project, a low-wage worker advocacy group. In a statement, NELP executive director Christine Owens urged similar companies around the nation to follow Target’s lead. Target is finally doing the right thing by reforming its hiring policies so that qualified job applicants arent automatically screened out simply because they have an arrest or conviction from the past, Owens said . Other large retailers around the nation need to follow suit, because their hiring policies send a strong message about whether they are committed to the communities that support their business. CCJ vice president Mark Haase applauded the retailer in a statement. Not only is Target complying with the new law here, they are doing the right thing around the country by giving people the opportunity to be judged for their skills and qualifications first, Haase said. We commend Target for taking this important step in fair hiring and are excited about our partnership with them to provide opportunities to our community members. Also on HuffPost: Loading Slideshow 11. Flexibility Of Schedule Percent total dissatisfied in August 2011: 12 percent
Percent total dissatisfied in August 2008: 12 percent
Percent change between 2011 and 2008: 0 percent
10. Relationship With Boss Or Supervisor Percent total dissatisfied in August 2011: 12 percent
Percent total dissatisfied in August 2008: 13 percent
Percent change between 2011 and 2008: -1 percent
9. Amount Of Hard Work Required Percent total dissatisfied in August 2011: 17 percent
Percent total dissatisfied in August 2008: 13 percent
Percent change between 2011 and 2008: 4 percent
8. Job Security Percent total dissatisfied in August 2011: 18 percent
Percent total dissatisfied in August 2008: 13 percent
Percent change between 2011 and 2008: 5 percent
7. Recognition For Good Work Percent total dissatisfied in August 2011: 19 percent
Percent total dissatisfied in August 2008: 17 percent
Percent change between 2011 and 2008: 2 percent
6. Amount Of Vacation Time Percent total dissatisfied in August 2011: 20 percent
Percent total dissatisfied in August 2008: 18 percent
Percent change between 2011 and 2008: 2 percent
5. Promotion Opportunities Percent total dissatisfied in August 2011: 26 percent
Percent total dissatisfied in August 2008: 19 percent
Percent change between 2011 and 2008: 7 percent
4. Employee Retirement Plan Percent total dissatisfied in August 2011: 28 percent
Percent total dissatisfied in August 2008: 25 percent
Percent change between 2011 and 2008: 3 percent
3. Amount Of Money Earned Percent total dissatisfied in August 2011: 30 percent
Percent total dissatisfied in August 2008: 27 percent
Percent change between 2011 and 2008: 3 percent
2. Health Insurance Benefits Percent total dissatisfied in August 2011: 30 percent
Percent total dissatisfied in August 2008: 19 percent
Percent change between 2011 and 2008: 11 percent
1. On The Job Stress Percent total dissatisfied in August 2011: 34 percent
Percent total dissatisfied in August 2008: 28 percent
Percent change between 2011 and 2008: 6 percent
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Black Tea. The Legend Of Jessi James Jazz Poetry Outlaw By Jessica Care Moore — Kickstarter

A beautiful balance of poetry and Detroit electric jazz. Hello family, I’m very excited to be recording my first music project, Black Tea, The Legend of Jessi James. The poetry written for the album is inspired by and dedicated to the voices and lives of so many women blues and jazz artists who left an indelible mark on so many of us. The album is my mantra to survive great losses, to write and sing my story now. This is the music my poetry has been waiting for. I teamed up with a beautiful group of young, talented Detroit musicians to make this project a reality. Jon Dixon, my pianist, is brilliant and truly listened to my words as he composed. I plan to use the money from kickstarter to finish recording, mixing, and packaging the album. I will also need money to market! I’m in the middle of the recording process, and found a beautiful sound inside the home of Detroit’s techno museum. I wanted my first album to be connected to history and spirit of the city i was born. Motown. I will used the money raised to shoot a video for the single, as well as promote and market and gain larger distribution for the overall project. I also hope to develop a multi media performance around the work, which will include live music from the album, personal narrative stories of love & survival, and healing poetry workshops and conversations. I’ve been performing my work all over the world for over two decades, but i was never satisfied with my voice in the studio. I’ve finally found the music to balance out the raspy fire in my words. I wanted to record an album my daddy and my children could listen to and appreciate together. I want an album that had great music first, and the words, he said the story would be the great compliment. I believe in the concept of making art/work.The vulnerability in my first recorded work is present and very new to many people who have read my books, or seen me perform live. Being new is important to have longevity as an artist, and i’m excited about my first recording project and the stories, the struggle, the work, behind the poems. I was introduced to Blue Note recording artist Jose James through a visual artist friend and we instantly began recording together. The single on this project, “You Want Poems” features his beautiful vocals, and the Vibes of Jazz Legend Roy Ayers, who has been a supportive artist friend for years. Other amazing features include, Ursula Rucker, Imani Uzuri, Kenny Watson, Sean Blackman, Kris Johnson, Ideeyah, Sax Appeal, Alicia Renee and more! The work on this album is sometimes painful, and it’s also filled with great joy. It’s an honesty that belongs to music, and I appreciate you helping me to make my first CD a reality!!

Same Profession And A Happy Marriage?

IPSHITA MITRA , TNN Oct 21, 2013, 12.00AM IST Tags: actor (Same profession and a happy) Most of us remember the cult classic of Hindi cinema, ‘Abhiman’ that painted a not-so-happy picture of a married couple in the same profession. We have travelled more than three decades since then. Interestingly, the subject that the film dealt with in 1973 somewhere continues to linger as a reality among couples of 2012 too. Apart from being a sacred institution, marriage can also turn into a battlefield for couples to play out and resolve their personal differences and conflicts. However, when there is a commonality in the chosen profession of the partners, this battleground can take on a different meaning. While some of us may continue to abide by the old adage “opposites attract”, there are couples whose marriages exemplify why similarities too can strike a chord and not be always repelling. Erratic shift timings, work pressure, stress-levels and debatable salary figures are some of the salient features of every professional life. Job market in itself is a maze where people race against each other to reach a desired destination. To find your partner as one of the participants in the same race turns the maze into a game of snake-ladder. American writer and journalist, Lionel Shriver in her book Double Fault (2006) discusses the marriage of two professional tennis players that ends on a bitter note after an injury affecting the rankings of the woman player while the husband continues to scale high in his career graph. Insurmountable jealousy and competitiveness cost the couple one thing: their ‘happy’ marriage. For TV actor Debina Bonnerjee , who became a known face after her stint as ‘Sita’ in the mythological serial ‘Ramayan,’ her marriage to TV actor Gurmeet Chaudhary did not invite any scope for career rivalry or resentment. “The truth is we discovered a critic and a well-wisher in each other. It has happened that we have expressed our creative differences and analysed each other’s scene shots but we have done that as an exercise for our own growth and development.” Respect for each other’s work and mutual understanding between partners can save the horrors of fights over who-is-better leading to an unnecessary friction in the relationship. But what if the concern is not rivalry or competition but one of maintaining discretion and secrecy? Dr. Gitanjali Sharma, psychologist and family therapist explains, “When spouses share the same profession there is a risk factor. I remember a case where a couple, both of them in the electronic media had difficulty observing secrecy about their respective channels they were working for. Lines between personal and professional space blur bringing trouble for the couple,” she adds. Marriage is not a game of players where one wins and the other sulks on the losing side. It is a relationship of equals, a relationship that grows and nurtures only when there is trust, faith and affection for each other. Vikrant Sud, a pediatrician by profession and soon to tie the knot with his long-time physician girlfriend explains why an alliance of medicine practitioners works best. “Explanation or clarification on things like extended shifts, a call at 1 in the night would not be needed when I know my partner is on the same career ship as I am and would understand me regardless. Conversation on medical cases would not have been possible had I decided to marry a girl of other profession,” he adds. Every marriage survives the inevitable highs and lows of life but the important thing is to face the challenges together as a team. Dr. Kamal Khurana, relationship expert and marriage counsellor sums it well, “A marriage can never fail till the spirit of togetherness prevents the trigger to go off.” Same profession or different, a marriage should end with the favourite cliche “…happily ever after!”

We Chose This Profession

Sherman’s first career interception came in a 2011 game that he played in a fog for two quarters after receiving a blow to the head. (Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

The NFL is the problem. Now that theres so much public ire, the NFL is trying to punish guys and say, Hey look, we care. A NASCAR driver understands that anything can happen during a race; his car could flip at 200 miles per hour. A boxer knows when he goes in the ring whats happening to his body. Just like them, we understand this is a dangerous game with consequences not just in the short term, but for the rest of our lives. All of us NFL players, from wide receivers to defensive backs, chose this profession. Concussions are going to happen to cornerbacks who go low and lead with their shoulders, wide receivers who duck into contact, safeties who tackle high and linemen who run into somebody on every single play. Sometimes players get knocked out and their concussions make news, but more often its a scenario like mine, where the player walks away from a hit and plays woozy or blind.