Asi Stops Restoration Work Of Kedarnath Temple Due To Snowfall

The work would resumed next year in consultation with the Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee (BKTC), it said. The ASI, in first phase, has removed parts of debris deposited on the southern, western and eastern side. Nearly 489 cubic meter of debris deposit has been removed from the plinth and approximately 635 square metre area of plinth has been cleared. The ASI team executed the work at site, despite difficult working conditions compounded due to harsh weather conditions and snowfall. Also, the necessary stone packing to the damaged portions of the temple walls had been done. Replacement of damaged wooden door on the western side of the temple has been also completed. Apart from it, cleaning of Garbha Griha walls has been done up to about nine feet height. The ASI team is preparing a total station survey plan of about 50 X 50 meters of the temple site for which field data has been collected with the Geological Survey of India (GSI). The GSI has also done necessary survey of the site to study anomalies beneath the ground and to check the health and status of the foundation. In the second phase, conservation works would include repairs to the plinth of the temple, filling up of missing stones, after duly carving and matching original stone, on facades of the temple, cleaning of the entire interior of the temple, removing marble flooring and providing deodar wooden flooring inside Garbha-griha and Antrala of the temple. Also a detailed proposal for the improvement of environs around the temple would be prepared and submitted through the Culture Ministry to the state government and Badrinath- Kedarnath Temple Committee (BKTC) for their approval.

The future of work is rich in technology and drawbacks

For our grandparents, work was almost always in a factory or on a farm. Today, the farm and factory jobs are performed by a shrinking minority. There are still many jobs in the services sector that require physical work. But increasingly our workforce is performing tasks that are done with the mindthat require knowledge and skill. These knowledge jobs can be assisted by technology. Note how accounting firms routinely outsource grunt work, as do lawyers, and as dodoctors, for tasks such as medical transcription. Not long ago, small and mid-sized projects were outsourced through Web sites such as oDesk , Freelancer , and Elance not just to India but also to remote workers in the United States and Europe. A micro-task economy is now flourishing on sites such as Amazon Mechanical Turk , Samasource and CrowdFlower , in which smaller tasks are farmed out. Big and small tasks such as data handling, Web site development, design, and transcription are commonly done by workers in diverse locations. Crowdsourcing is making it possible for work to be done simultaneously by many people no matter where they are. It is becoming possible to solve big problems by using the power of the collective as I just have for Innovating Women a crowdcreated book on how to enable more women to participate in the innovation economy.I tapped into the collective knowledge of more than 500 women.


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